Trade With Us!

Hello, Forex Traders

Do you want to earn some extra dough? remotely and passively? you won't even know you are doing it!

Already hired or managing an account? No problem, let me explain:

You do not need to actually do anything, other than what you are already doing -trading your current account! It can even be a trading robot you created, as long as it is profitable.

You can be trading 10 million or 10 dollars in your own trading account it does not matter. I will be copying your trades into the managed account and adjusting the size of the trades based on what is best for the overall account.

This position is best suited for high frequency traders. (10 trades and up per day.)

Traders can choose to be anonymous.

You will have full records of the entire account for verification purposes.

Earnings sent via check, direct deposit or bank wire.


  • Earn an income trading a HUGE Managed Account.
  • Change nothing, no set up required.
  • No capital requirements.
  • Completely passive and undetectable.
  • Opt to be anonymous or prove your skill to the world! -good for the self proclaimed forex guru/teacher!
  • Huge money potential. 24 hour a day compounding account to trade.
  • Refer investors and earn huge affiliation $$$
  • Be part of the team creating an affordable, safer and higher yield investment for anyone to join.

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I am not a trader but I think this a great idea! what can I do to help you out?!?

Please help spread the word, if you know any high frequency traders ask them to participate, if you know any teachers, coaches or gurus see if they want to further promote themselves or prove themselves Thank you!  :)