Invest With Us

Here is an independent real time audit and analysis of the account.

Click on graph for full audit details.

To participate please go here and sign up with the brokerage. (Brokerage does not allow US and UK citizens, I am opening a new one for them as I type... check back soon)

What does the investor need to do to get involved?

  1. Get your trading account at the brokerage.
  2. Fund your account.
  3. In your back office, Opt into the Managed Account. "Talent Pool"
Thats it! You are in. 

The offer on this account is:
  •  $100 USD minimum
  • 30% fee on high water mark.(That means you only pay fees on new highs of the account.)
  • Not locked into a time requirement (withdraw whenever you wish)
I am invested, can I help make this investment better?!?

Yes you can!  spread the word, if you know any high frequency traders ask them to participate, if you know any teachers, coaches or gurus see if they want to further promote themselves or prove themselves.