Day trader team manages account !


I finally did what I had set out to do with this website, I did not have to assemble any team, they were already out there assembled, I just needed to meet them :)

I am not using this blog anymore but thought it deserved this as it's last post.

For more information or to participate please go to my managed account blog

See you there :)


I still have not had a very good response to traders joining the crusade. So far only one well known school has been interested, the rest I have contacted have flat out ignored my E-mail. I guess if you are making money teaching without the need to prove yourself, why prove yourself.

Also my search for profitable high frequency day traders has been depressing. The two that I would die for are not interested, and I can't really find anymore. (This is a plea for recruitment help!)

I have the whole setup running on a remote dedicated server now (In English that means I moved the setup from my personal computer off to a computer that does nothing else but this and has it's own internet connection). It has been offline for 2 days while I set up everything up, it may be down a little longer while I do some remote control and latency tests.

I killed one of the traders, he put some trading robots on his account and thought I would not mind or notice, it was a grid trader and I had to shut it down manually. He was a decent trader, but not trust worthy. (A grid / averaging / martin is a style of trading I do not tolerate, my drawdown has gone from 0.48% to 5.98%, I am not impressed.)

On the bright side I have been threatened by a trader saying he may be coming on board in a week or two, he is finishing up testing someones strategy for them. Another says he needs time to think about it... didn't they see my video about that?!?

I have an affiliate!

And one mystery investor!

So things are moving along. I know the Turtle wins the race... but he's not fun to watch!

Seeking High Frequency Traders!

This Managed Account will fail without profitable high frequency traders and automated robots getting on board immediately.

Let me tell you the FOREX Pool of Talent's winning formula, and it's key to success or failure.

Don't be shy, send me your login and (read only) investor password.

United we stand divided this fails!